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BS-6001W Portable Walk Through Metal Detector with super waterproof

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Product Detail

    1.Portable module design, equip with wheels for easily move, also with remote control.

    2.With super Waterproof level (IP67), this detector can be used outside.

    3.6/12/18 (over-lap detection zones) can choose, and can alarm simultaneously from different/multi-zones.

    4.Three Patterns Sensitivity: High, Middle, Low for different requirements.

    5.The LED strip light (alarm light / detection light).

    6. Built-in Battery can support 8 hours, with battery usage indicator under the LED display.

    7.Password protection, only operated by authorized operator.

    8.Program Self-diagnostic when power on.

    9.Auto-count & display pass and alarm times, all data can save and end by TF card to computer for record.

    10.Sound and Digital Alarm.

    11.Shall be given and metal size shall be distinguished by digital size.

    12.Fly Article Detection: Can detect and alarm when the articles not pass through this door along with person.

    13.Adopts the latest advanced and interactive transmition & receiving technology to avoid the interference.

    14.No harm for heart peacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic gadget or record tape etc.




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