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BS-8065B High quality Dual Energy Security X-ray Machine and Baggage & Luggage Scanner

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Product Detail

    8065B belongs to the “X-Ray Luggage Scanner” product family, which are designed for the security inspection of the big baggage, luggage and cargo.

    Product Description

    Physical Specifications

    Unit weight (kgs)680
    Unit size (mm)2848.5(L)*1095(W)*1535.5(H)
    Package  in wooden pallet
    Gross weight (kgs)800
    Packing size#1:  213*121*179cm           #2:  115*90*142cm


    General Specifications  

    Tunnel size(mm)800(L)*650(W)
    Conveyor Speed(m/s)0.22
    Conveyor height(mm) 338.5
    Conveyor Max Load(kgs)200
    X ray dose per each inspection1.5 μGy
    X ray leakage <1.0 μGy / h
    Penetration38 mm steel
    Wire Resolutiondia 0.0787mm copper wire (AWG40)
    Penetration Resolutiondia 0.16mm copper wire (AWG34) under three-step aluminum wedge 9.5mm, 15.9mm, 22.2mm
    Spatial resolution:dia1.0mm,Vertical: dia1.0mm
    Power Consumptionmax. 1KW
    Noise< 58 dB
    Film Safety

    Guarantee ASA/ISO1600 Film 

    X-ray Generator (single)

    Anode Voltage160 KV 
    Anode power0.4mA
    Generate angle80 degree upward 
    Generate directfrom bottom to top 
    Cooling / Duty CycleOil Cooling /100% 
    Brandmade by ourself



    International * ISO19001 ; ISO14001 ; OHSMS18001 ;
    * CE
    * USA FDA
    * Maximum X-ray leakage of less than 5 μSv/h(0.5mR/h) measured at 5cm from any external surface. (European standard - less than 1 μSv/h(0.1mR/h) measured at 10cm from any external surface)
    National (China)* Health Inspection Report
    * Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate
    * Software Product Registration Certificate 
    * Radiation Safety Certificate from Ministry of Public Security
    * Quality Certification from Safety and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center
    * Design pantent certification: Patent No. : 201020700245.2 ; Patent No. : 201020700245.8 ; Patent No. : 201020700256.0